EXTREME CONFIDENCE: Online Video Mentoring with Julian James
"There is nothing more powerful, towards accessing the experience of deep personal transformation, than aligning yourself with a skilled mentor who is fully committed to guiding and coaching you in the direction of reaching nothing less than your fullest potential, and who will take you beyond what you ever imagined was possible!"
Work Privately With Julian James & Experience The Power Of Transformational Mentoring, No Matter Where You Are In The World!





"Julian has a gift of natural charisma..."

"Julian has a gift of natural charisma, and what's special is that he is skilled enough to help others access that in themselves. He has often assisted on my weekend seminars, bringing with him his own unique charismatic power that he is so willing and able to share with the group through example, hypnosis and creative exercise."
 - Peta Heskell, 'The Flirt Coach'
From: the desk of Julian James
Master Mentor & Author of Confidence Explosion
Julian James - Creator of Extreme Confidence Breakthrough

The Power Of Online Video Mentoring!

Are you ready to make a dynamic, explosive breakthrough?

Are you ready to take your deepest fears, and smash them to pieces?

Are you ready to feel the aliveness of being in the world is such a way that you emanate raw power at the deepest level of your experience?

Online Video Mentoring is a way of working with me, without you even needing to leave your front door, yet still being able to reap the delicious and satisfying personal breakthroughs that such a mentoring programme offers!

What makes my telephone mentoring programme so attractive to many of the clients that I work with is its practicality. My Intensive Weekend Experience - an entire weekend of private mentoring and facilitation with me, one-to-one - requires individuals to travel to London. (I do travel out of town to work with clients, but this obviously carries additional expense.)

And so, as exciting as this programme is (and it really is an incredible adventure), I realise it's not practical for some people to venture out to meet with me, especially if they live in a different part of the world, other than the UK.

So, Online Video Mentoring is the perfect solution. It allows you to connect with me, regardless of where you live (even if you live in Asia or Australia), and still experience the power of direct facilitation oriented towards your desired outcomes.

This means that our time together will be scheduled such it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, giving you the freedom to choose when this is. And the best part is that this all takes place from the comfort of your own home. In fact, you can even wear your pyjamas!

"...amazing feelings inside of me!"
"Julian has revealed to me exactly how I can be totally at ease and create amazing feelings inside of me! I can now go forward and meet new people whereas before I would have been very hesitant."
 - Ian Bayley
University Lecturer & BBC2 2011 'MasterMind' Champion
Why Work With Julian James?
So why work with me? Why choose me as your mentor?
Well the first thing you need to know is that I do not know of any other person who works in the same way that I do, and who's able to offer the same resources, expertise and experiences that I've dedicated my life honing and developing.
So, with this in mind, let me give you just a taste of my background, my history, my training ...
I'm proud to be a Master Mind Magician of the London's infamous Inner Magic Circle.
I have been performing for audiences for well over 20 years ... in all kinds of environments, with all kinds of people. (The photograph you see, to the left, was taken at one of my recent West End theatre shows.)
My experience in engaging others began at an extremely early age. I performed my first public show at the age of four and a half! At the age of just 13, I was granted a street performing licence to be able to present my show in London's Covent Garden - the youngest person ever to have attained a performing licence for the Covent Garden entertainment circuit!
Since then, I have worked as a professional mystery entertainer and have travelled to many countries, presenting my own special brand of magical theatre before others. I have worked more rooms, stood on more stages and delivered more presentations that you could ever image! In fact, the truth is that I have more performing experience that a lot of people who are almost twice my age!
"...outstanding and lasting results..."
"Julian is a phenomenal coach and mentor who has lead me to attain outstanding and lasting results, both professionally and also in my personal life. There is something special about him that during our time together has allowed me to access higher levels of thought and action. I honestly cannot recommend Julian highly enough."
 - Andrew Burns, Professional Entertainer
In the field of personal transformation my experience is also enormously extensive and diverse.
I hold significant training in the field of neuro-linguistics, as well as many other hypnotic disciplines, including approaches and methods for transformative application most people have never even heard of! I have trained comprehensively with some of the most pre-eminent though-leaders in these fields, and spend countless hours researching, developing and enhancing my skills to ensure that I offer to my clients the most powerful resources available.
I'm also the author of the book: CONFIDENCE EXPLOSION: Destroy Your Fears & Explode Your Confidence Through the Roof! Needless to say, anyone who chooses to work with me is in very good hands. Actually, almost all of the people that join me on an adventure of transformation agree that they get far more than they ever believed was possible!
With all of this mentioned, what's most important is that I literally pour my heart and soul into what I do. I have dedicated my life to helping others live fearlessly, purposefully and powerfully ... and here is your invitation to join an adventure with me ... an adventure in which you'll spend an entire year cultivating your essential power and making breakthrough after breakthrough towards your most deeply cherished desires!

Deep personal transformation is only possible with a powerful commitment to action. Without this commitment, nothing happens! And by this time, you will already know - instinctively - that embarking on this adventure is the next true commitment for you.

"Julian makes magic happen!"

"I have known Julian for many years, and can honestly say he is one of a kind. He is highly skilled and it's breathtaking to watch him work! Julian makes magic happen with people!"
 - Claire Brooker, Advanced Practitioner of the 'Lightning Process' & Clinical Hypnotherapist

How Does Online Video Mentoring Work?

Online Video Mentoring is available in blocks of 4 sessions. I advise a minimum of 1 session per week.

Our meetings will be carried out using the Skype technology. Skype is an incredible platform that allows us to see each on our screens, at every stage of the process. It's the next best thing to us actually being in a room together!

Calls last between 60 and 90 minutes in duration.

Online Video Mentoring also includes email access in-between sessions, as required, in order to consolidate what takes place during the actual sessions. 

Julian James AIMC C.Ht.
Master Mentor for Fearless Confidence
Creator of Extreme Confidence Breakthrough elite mentoring programme
Author of CONFIDENCE EXPLOSION: Destroy Your Fears & Explode Your Confidence Through the Roof!
       CONFIDENCE EXPLOSION: Destroy Your Fears & Explode Your Confidence Through the Roof! - by Julian James
Yes Julian, I'm Interested In Working With You. What's The Next Step?
To request an application for Online Video Mentoring  with Julian, forward your correspondence to the following email address:
Julian will contact you by email and confirm a umber of logistical details with you. Following this, your first meeting with him will be arranged.
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