EXTREME CONFIDENCE: Intensive Weekend Experience! Julian James' 2 Day Personal Mentoring Programme In London's West End!
One Weekend In The Heart Of London ...
One Life Changing Experience!
INTENSIVE WEEKEND TRANSFORMATION! Julian James' 3-Day Personal Mentoring Experience!
2 Days Of Intensive Private Mentoring With Julian James! An Unforgettable Journey Of Deep Personal Breakthroughs That Will Fill You From Head To Toe With Dynamic Drive, & Fearless Personal Power!  
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"There is nothing more powerful, towards accessing the experience of deep personal transformation, than aligning yourself with a skilled mentor who is fully committed to guiding and coaching you in the direction of reaching nothing less than your fullest potential, and who will take you beyond what you ever imagined was possible!"
From: the desk of Julian James
Master Mentor, Author of Confidence Explosion & creator of the Intensive Weekend Experience 2 Day Programme
2 Intensive Days You Will Never Ever Forget!Julian James - Creator of Extreme Confidence Breakthrough

Imagine what it would be like to embark upon a unforgettable "weekend adventure" that empowered you in ways that literally shaped the very nature of the way you moved through the world!

Imagine what it would be like to work personally and intimately with a skilled and dedicated mentor who, over the course of just 2 days, would take you on a powerful journey ... guiding you through a fascinating array of experiences ... in which you'd smash your fears to pieces, destroy the illusions that were holding you back and gain deep personal insight that would transform your relationship to everything around you!

Now imagine this entire journey being crafted and designed especially for you.

Is that an idea you find attractive?

Is that something you feel drawn to discovering more about?

If it is, then you're reading something that will make unimaginable breakthroughs for you, because that's exactly what my Intensive Weekend Transformation programme is all about.

An Experience That Is Unforgettable!

Due to logistical considerations, a lot of people ask me if there's an alternative to my 12-month mentoring programme. Well, yes there is! And this is it!

My Intensive Weekend Transformation personal breakthrough experience is the most intensive programme that I offer. Why? Because we spend 3 days together, working powerfully and intensely within the areas of your choosing. We spend 3 days destroying your limiting patterns of behaviour. We spend 3 days tearing apart your responses of fear and hesitation. We spend 3 days strengthening and reinforcing your inherent foundation of personal power so that the things that used to terrify you now make you laugh! And the freedom and satisfaction that comes from this is like nothing else in the world!

In these 3 days, so much will happen. So much will be revealed to you. So much will shift in your mind and body. You will experience moments of deep personal transformation. You will feel the heaviness of past limitations lift and diminish. You will feel the internal resonance of your true power.

I will guide you into the realm of fearlessness ...

But you have to be truly ready! Because, just like all of the work that I do, this is for people who want to make a massive breakthrough in their lives! This is for people who are prepared to do whatever it takes! I will be your mentor and guide - and you'll find no better person than me - but you still have to make the decision to fully commit to the process.

And if you're not truly ready, then this is most certainly not for you.

Remember, this experience takes place in London's West End ... one of the most thriving and exciting locations in the world! You'll travel in from wherever you happen to be, and your journey

Very often clients fly in to see me from a  countries Europe, Asia and America. In these cases, they often make arrangements to stay at a hotel that in conveniently to the centre of town - where all of the "action" takes place! This way, we have easy access to the very best that London has to offer!

First things first. If you are reading these words right now then you are probably already familiar with who I am and what it is that I do. And if you don't already know, I'll soon catch you up to speed!

The focus of what I do is this: I work with people from all walks of life to embrace their raw power and smash through their deepest fears, so that they're able to live their lives with ABSOLUTE POWERFUL CONFIDENCE in who they are and what they do!

So if the idea of living your life this way is attractive to you - if you find yourself compelled by the possibilities of moving through the world fearlessly and with solid unshakable confidence - then read on. If you're sick of being paralysed by fear, overwhelmed with anxiety and held back with feelings of lack or unworthiness, then you may be just one crucial decision away from having the most transformational experience of your life!

Solid Unshakable Confidence!

However, you also need to know that this programme is most certainly not for everyone, which may or may not include you!

You see, Extreme Confidence Breakthrough is my highest level elite mentoring programme. And because I don't do anything the "typical" way, there is nothing "standard" or "ordinary" about it. Extreme Confidence Breakthrough is an unforgettable and transformational personal journey, filled to the brim with experiences that are specifically designed to ensure that you make the personal breakthroughs you most want to have, so that you can live without compromise, and really experience what it feels like to walk into any situation you choose feeling inwardly centred, vibrantly engaged and powerful!

If you're sick and tired of being "frozen with fear" - feeling immobilized with apprehension and worry - Extreme Confidence Breakthrough is designed to destroy these responses in relation to the events in your life that cause you to feel this way. Instead, you will begin to function with a tremendous sense of personal freedom and clarity. You will operate from your centre of power!

This is precisely the work that I have dedicated my life to carrying out, and I'm absolutely excited to offer you the possibility of something beyond your wildest imagination!

"...amazing feelings inside of me!"
"Julian has revealed to me exactly how I can be totally at ease and create amazing feelings inside of me! I can now go forward and meet new people whereas before I would have been very hesitant."
 - Ian Bayley
University Lecturer & BBC2 2011 'MasterMind' Champion
"...outstanding and lasting results..."
"Julian is a phenomenal coach and mentor who has lead me to attain outstanding and lasting results, both professionally and also in my personal life. There is something special about him that during our time together has allowed me to access higher levels of thought and action. I honestly cannot recommend Julian highly enough."
 - Andrew Burns, Professional Entertainer
Secrets Of Powerful Personal Command!
The power of Extreme Confidence Breakthrough will allow you to:
      Be absolutely confident in any situation!
      Cultivate the state of fearlessness!
      Explode your confidence to extreme levels!
      Move beyond nervousness and anxiety into calm-centred control!
      Go after exactly what you want without fear or hesitation!
      Supercharge your unique charisma!
      Do the things that used to terrify you with total ease!
      Live your life on your own terms, without being constrained by others!
      Discover hidden secrets of dynamic communication!
      Become totally and absolutely unstoppable!
    ... and MUCH, MUCH more!
But, as I've already mentioned, this programme is most certainly not for everyone. Why? Aside from the fact that I'm only able to take on so many applicants - and therefore have to be very selective - the truth is that most people simply aren't ready, or at least simply aren't prepared, to make an enormous shift - to make a new stand and to embrace the world with a refreshed sense of personal power! This opportunity is only open to people who really want to make a change. Most people would rather stay stuck, powerless and fearful.
However, if you are ready, you will know. You'll feel that inkling inside of you - that voice of intuitive direction - that let's you know this is absolutely the right decision

"Julian has a gift of natural charisma..."

"Julian has a gift of natural charisma, and what's special is that he is skilled enough to help others access that in themselves. He has often assisted on my weekend seminars, bringing with him his own unique charismatic power that he is so willing and able to share with the group through example, hypnosis and creative exercise."
 - Peta Heskell, 'The Flirt Coach'

 "So What's It Like To Work Privately With Julian James?"

The Extreme Confidence Breakthrough mentoring programme is specifically designed to push your limits, take them to the very edge and way beyond!
That's why it's "extreme"! It's extreme because I will personally guide you into situations and experiences that will strengthen you from your core! And I will do this again and again and again!
You and I will venture into a whole range of places. Will will encounter and interact with a whole range of people. I will take you beyond your limitations, beyond what terrifies you, beyond what you believe is possible. And the results will fill you from head to toe with excitement, power and possibility!
From the very moment we begin together ... on this journey ... you'll notice powerful changes beginning to take effect!
And that's the real "magic" in all of this. You'll just begin to notice yourself doing things differently ... and yet there will be no conscious awareness on your part at all! You'll just find yourself noticing the way that you operate that just seems to happen different. It will just seem to "flow". You'll sense a certain "ease" and effortless comfort within your body.
You will do things you've never done before, you will say things you've never said before, you'll do things that used to terrify you, you will take bold, decisive and powerful action like you never have before ... and you will do all of this with me right by your side, guiding you every step of the way!
I will be right there with you - your personal guide and mentor - for the entire journey! And, believe me, it will be one hell of a journey! Forget bungee jumping or rollercoaster rides! What I have in store for you is going to change the very way that you move through the world.
You will face your deepest fears and smash them to pieces! You will access the very core of your inherent power and open yourself to opportunities and possibilities that will astound you! There is nothing else like this! In fact, every time I speak or write about this programme, I can't help but get excited myself! That's because I pour my heart and soul into my work! I've helped countless people access their source of fearless power ....
Now it's your turn!
Why Work With Julian James?
So why work with me? Why choose me as your mentor?
Well the first thing you need to know is that I do not know of any other person who works in the same way that I do, and who's able to offer the same resources, expertise and experiences that I've dedicated my life honing and developing.
So, with this in mind, let me give you just a taste of my background, my history, my training ...
I'm proud to be a Master Mind Magician of the London's infamous Inner Magic Circle.
I have been performing for audiences for well over 20 years ... in all kinds of environments, with all kinds of people. (The photograph you see, to the left, was taken at one of my recent West End theatre shows.)
My experience in engaging others began at an extremely early age. I performed my first public show at the age of four and a half! At the age of just 13, I was granted a street performing licence to be able to present my show in London's Covent Garden - the youngest person ever to have attained a performing licence for the Covent Garden entertainment circuit!
Since then, I have worked as a professional mystery entertainer and have travelled to many countries, presenting my own special brand of magical theatre before others. I have worked more rooms, stood on more stages and delivered more presentations that you could ever image! In fact, the truth is that I have more performing experience that a lot of people who are almost twice my age!
In the field of personal transformation my experience is also enormously extensive and diverse.
I hold significant training in the field of neuro-linguistics, as well as many other hypnotic disciplines, including approaches and methods for transformative application most people have never even heard of! I have trained comprehensively with some of the most pre-eminent though-leaders in these fields, and spend countless hours researching, developing and enhancing my skills to ensure that I offer to my clients the most powerful resources available.
I'm also the author of the book: CONFIDENCE EXPLOSION: Destroy Your Fears & Explode Your Confidence Through the Roof! Needless to say, anyone who chooses to work with me is in very good hands. Actually, almost all of the people that join me on an adventure of transformation agree that they get far more than they ever believed was possible!
With all of this mentioned, what's most important is that I literally pour my heart and soul into what I do. I have dedicated my life to helping others live fearlessly, purposefully and powerfully ... and here is your invitation to join an adventure with me ... an adventure in which you'll spend an entire year cultivating your essential power and making breakthrough after breakthrough towards your most deeply cherished desires!

Deep personal transformation is only possible with a powerful commitment to action. Without this commitment, nothing happens! And by this time, you will already know - instinctively - that embarking on this adventure is the next true commitment for you.

"Julian makes magic happen!"

"I have known Julian for many years, and can honestly say he is one of a kind. He is highly skilled and it's breathtaking to watch him work! Julian makes magic happen with people!"
 - Claire Brooker, Advanced Practitioner of the 'Lightning Process' & Clinical Hypnotherapist

How Exactly Does The Programme Work?

So what is the format of Extreme Confidence Breakthrough? How is it structured? What's it actually like?
Whenever I'm asked this question, I always feel a warm tingling smile glowing from within me, because I'm reminded of just how exciting joining this adventure with me really is! And as I've already mentioned, you really have to think about it as an adventure ... a journey of deep personal growth and discovery! But not just any adventure ... the most significant and powerful adventure of your life!
And there is nothing else like it on the planet!
Remember, the entire experience of Extreme Confidence Breakthrough is based around what you decide that you want as a result of working with me. In fact, during our very first session together, you and I will build a roadmap - a series of compelling objectives - that will exactly represent your desires. This, of course, could be any number of things.
It might be, for example, that you want to become comfortable and fearless in social situations. It might be that you want to be able to walk into to any environment, feel totally at ease and be able to effortlessly engage with others, without anxiety or hesitation.
And if that's what you decide that you want, then that's exactly what I will base the entire programme around. Like a fine tailored suit, it will literally be custom designed just for you. As your personal guide, I will make absolutely sure - and do everything in my power - for you to have the very experiences and the very breakthroughs you need to have massive and explosive impact in your life!
In fact, even after our first session together, you are going to walk away feeling alive, refreshed, purposeful and empowered! You are going to feel a surge of inner power that's going to compel your forwards, deeper into this journey with me! You are going to literally feel the sensation - in every muscle and cell of your body - of what it's like to operate powerfully in the world. And I can tell you that you're going to love every single moment!
And if that's after just the first session, then just imagine how things will be different for you after spending an entire year working personally with me!
That is the power of mentoring!
A Magnificent Journey Of Adventure ... Crafted Just For You!
The mentoring process is, without question, the most potent form of personal transformation you can ever be privileged to.
Yes, there can be great value in leaning from books and other materials. As an author, I obviously realise the value in sharing my ideas with others through the printed word. Many of my clients have come to me as a result of initially reading my books. So there can definitely be tremendous value to be garnered from embracing information presented in written form. Yet, there is still nothing more powerful that the process of mentoring. Because a skilled mentor will offer you priceless insight and wisdom, whilst respecting your values, in a way that no other form of leaning can achieve. An exceptional mentor will stands right by your side and be present for you, and with you, in so many ways.
And I can tell you that no-one offers this kind of personal mentoring experience better than I do. I can be bold and make this statement because I truly know of no-one else that even comes close! That's why what I have in store for you is going to be one heck of a ride!
Every time we get together, we'll build upon the foundations set in previous sessions. And every one of them is going to offer you new insights, new possibilities, exciting new experiences.
During our time together, you're going to have lots of fun! I'm also going to take you right to the edge of your threshold of comfort ... and then way beyond it! Way beyond it into realms of possibility you never knew existed!
Together, we will work and interact in a unique variety of ways. And you're going to love the process. Look forward to a surprise miscellany of adventures, explorations, social experimentations, exciting challenges, interactive field trips ... and much more!
We will meet and work within lots of different places and environments. Sometimes in hotels. Sometimes out on the street. Sometimes in restaurants or bars. Occasionally I will introduce you to associates or colleagues of mine. There will be no limit. All possibilities will be open to you. I will give you "special assignments" to carry out. And I give you fair warning: at times this journey is going to be very very challenging for you. At times, this experience will also be very intensive. But I'll make sure you move through these challenges each and every time. Because all the while - through every bold step that you take - I will be right there with you, standing confidently by your side!

When you are not with me in person - at various times in-between our personal meetings - you'll be privileged to private telephone coaching with me for support and direction, and to discuss your progress, until we met again the next time.

What Will Happen If I Am Accepted Into The programme?

Extreme Confidence Breakthrough 'Intensive Weekend Experience' is a very in-depth and intensive programme. You will meet with Julian on Saturday evening for an introductory meal. And you will spend the full day on Saturday and the full day on Sunday working with Julian.

As you know, due to the special nature of this work - and the commitment of time it necessitates - I am only able to honour a limited number of clients into my programme every year. Because of this, acceptance into Extreme Confidence Breakthrough 'Intensive Weekend Experience' is only possible through a process of application.

(Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions on how to submit your application.)

The application process allows me to assess whether or not I believe that you are suited to working with me within a progressive mentoring relationship. You will answer a number of very specific questions. Your answers to these questions will reveal to me information that will form the basis for my decision to work with you, or not.

If your application has been accepted, I will contact you to arrange a preliminary telephone call. On this call we will arrange the numerous logistical considerations pertaining to your commitment. I will also address any specifics questions that you have at that time.

We shall then schedule the date for the programme.

From there, the experience will begin. And what an experience it will be!

Julian James AIMC C.Ht.
Master Mentor for Fearless Confidence
Creator of Extreme Confidence Breakthrough elite mentoring programme
Author of CONFIDENCE EXPLOSION: Destroy Your Fears & Explode Your Confidence Through the Roof!
       CONFIDENCE EXPLOSION: Destroy Your Fears & Explode Your Confidence Through the Roof! - by Julian James
Yes Julian, I'm Interested In Working With You. What's The Next Step?
Acceptance into this programme is limited, and strictly by application only.
To request an application, forward your correspondence to the following email address:
You will receive a form to complete and return. One your completed application has been received, a telephone interview will be arranged. Following this, a decision will be made with regard to your eligibility for the programme.
All rights are reserved to refuse any individual acceptance into this programme.
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